Babies Portraits

by Ryan Rowell

It has to be said, our clients make super cute babies.  You may remember Jackie & Myles who were featured on our blog a few years back fo their winter wedding and engagement. Well they recently welcomed a baby boy into their lives. We were so happy to hear that they wanted to have their son’s first portraits captured by us. Its truly an honor when couples invite us into their homes to document these very exciting milestones in their lives.

When we photograph baby portraits we like to keep it simple, clean and timeless. We don’t like to add in props that don’t make sense (ie: little baby hats made from lettuce, or giant fake flowers, oversized flower pots.) Our rule for props is; if it is apart of your child’s daily life, then bring it. We want to photograph your baby in all its cuteness. We don’t need nor want to distract from the fact that you made this adorable human being with fake plants, costumes, and contrived poses. If you are looking for ways to embarrass your baby in the future with those types of photos then contact your local grocery store portrait studio, they are amazing at those types of photos (and we know because we used to be those photographers.)

Our goal is to create beautiful images that capture this stage in your babies life. Images that you will want to look at and awww over for a very long time.

Thanks Jackie & Myles for inviting us to your home to meet this adorable baby boy!

Congratulations! & see you in the spring for your first family portraits.

Erika & Ryan