50’s Backyard Engagement Session

Alyshia & Martin

by Ryan Rowell on June 25, 2013

The first time we met Alyshia & Martin we ended up hanging out at a coffee shop chatting for about 2.5 hours about photography and brainstorming ideas for their engagement shoot. This was even before they booked us for their upcoming Muskoka wedding or their engagement photos. Sometimes when you meet people who get your vision; who truly love photography and creating  as much as you do, things just flow. Ideas just poured out of all of us for this 1950’s inspired engagement session. They wanted to dress up and play the parts of the doting husbands and wives you see in ads from the 1950’s such as Cadillac, Budweiser  Lux soap and of course The Saturday Evening Post. Alyshia borrowed her grandma’s pyjamas  found Martin a pair of vintage shorts and even made a Jell-O mold! These photos were so fun to make, especially since their little Puggle puppy Nashville decided to participate. He’s so well trained and became the real star of this photo shoot. He is featured in nearly every set of images.

Alyshia & Martin are getting married later on this fall and their Muskoka wedding will be at the J.W Marriott Resort. We are very excited to end our wedding season with this awesome couple. Thanks to Alyshia & Martin for inviting us to your home to photograph your engagement photos.  We love collaborating with you guys on photo shoots, and we are looking forward to your next one!!!


Erika & Ryan

Breakfast engagement session, canadian couple

breakfast themed engagement session 1950's theme

Canadian engagement photography, 1950's breakfast themed photos

1950's inspired engagement photography

1950's inspired backyard engagement photos

cute canadian couples backyard engagement photo shoot

backyard engagement photography Hamilton ontario
Little Nashville, the Puggle, covered in lipstick from Alyshia kissing him.

1950's inspired back yard bbq engagement photography

cute canadian couples backyard bbq engagement session

backyard canadian engagement shoot

Amos Sewell's poster art inspired photo. Wading pool and dog, saturday evening post
This photo was inspired by a Amos Sewell’s Saturday Evening Post cover of a dad reading in a little boys wading pool.

bayckyard engagement session 8mm home movies

vintage themed engagement photo shoot, hamilton ontario canada

Here is a short mix of clips we took on our iPhone’s using the iPhone app 8mm made to simulate a real 8mm camera, the type people would have used in the 1950’s & 60’s for their home movies, and like the type Alyshia and Martin are using in the photos above. It’s a mint condition Kopil Zoom 8 EE from our camera collection.