Banff Couples Portraits

Darcy & Jevaughn

by Ryan Rowell on July 13, 2016

Have you ever woken up before the sun, and driven out to the Rocky Mountains just to see the sun rise? If so, then you will appreciate my sentiments. Seeing the grey, harsh and rugged mountains glow a vibrant orange and pink is like experiencing colour for the first time. Our photographs will never technically express the sights we have seen. Blue hour, right before the sun comes up, is so fleeting that its almost sad to experience, as it only for just a few moments. If the mountains were not there, the experience would not be so engrained in my mind, because the gorgeous light and colour would simply, and wastefully disperse across the fields. But the mountains make the light come alive. Actually that works both ways.

We were in Banff National Park, standing in a field on our way to Lake Minnewanka, photographing Darcy & Jevaughn’s Banff Couples Portraits. We had met them nearly 2 years ago before they were a couple, on a fitness photo shoot. He is a trainer and they both are chefs by trade. They were totally cool with us all waking up at 4am, driving in our mini van rental car (yes we ended up with a mini van) and exploring the deserted  landscapes. Not a single person, or tourist in sight, not for a few hours at least.

For their Banff Couples Portraits they wanted to show of their diverse style, their unique personalities, and their love for this gorgeous location, as they both now live in Alberta. I can’t say enough about this shoot, it was perfect conditions, relaxed, fun and there was never a dull moment. Between us all cracking jokes at Jevaughn’s GQ poses, asking him ‘When his next album will drop?’ to all of us trying to get the attention of a baby elk from inside the car, made this shoot was definitely one for the books.

We want to thank Darcy & Jevaughn who are currently traveling, and dining their way across Europe for the next 3 months. It was a blast hanging out with you both, and we cannot wait to see you two again soon. We are so jealous of your Europe trip, who wouldn’t want to be you two right now.


Erika & Ryan

P.S- Do you love the landscape in Banff, Alberta? Want photos like these? Contact us, we often travel in this direction to visit family and of course, to photograph amazing couples too. Contact Us.

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Banff Couples Portraits
Banff Couples Portraits in Banff National Park at Lake Minnewanka. Canada.

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