Our booth at Canada's Wedding Expo

by Ryan Rowell

EDIT: We have also finally posted the making of the booth as well as what it was made of, and how it was made.

EDIT: We have posted a video of this booth being built albeit almost a year later.

We are back from spending the weekend in Toronto at Canada’s Wedding Expo held at the Toronto Congress Centre as one of the many photography vendors. We had an amazing time, we met some really great people, and some spectacular vendors.

We want to thank everyone who helped us prepare for this show, we believe it was a complete success for us, and we hope to be a part of the show next year.

For those of you who couldn’t make it down to visit us at our booth here are a few photos of our set up.


Our couch was a huge success, and for anyone curious about where we bought it, it came from Home Furniture. It was nice to just sit down and chat with couples, now that we have had the couch in the booth we couldn’t imagine a trade show without one. Honestly who wants to stand for 10 hours a day when they can sit!


We thought it would be fun to put one of our waterproof wedding albums into a fish bowl of water to show they are waterproof, and to top it off we even bought a fish, who now lives in our studio, to swim around in the bowl at the wedding expo.




Thanks again to everyone who stopped by the Rowell Photography booth this past weekend.

Erika & Ryan