Brandon/Robbins Family – Families in the Park

by Ryan Rowell on May 16, 2012

Until this week we never realized how many people actually read our blog. Nearly every single family photographed in the last few days referenced some post, or a set of images we have taken. To us, that is the ultimate compliment. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog. Carley and her kids, pictured below, make an appearance on our blog every year. We are so lucky to have her as a client and a friend. Last night I noticed that Carley had even sent us a wedding gift through our Honeyfund website. It was the sweetest gesture, and it means so much to us.  This weekend Carley and the kids came out for our Families in the Park family photo sessions at Sunnidale Park in Barrie. We absolutely love these photos and we hope you all enjoy them too. Thank you so much Carley for the wonderful wedding gift and for such a great shoot this year. We love photographing you guys and look forward to photographing you all again next year.

Cheers Erika & Ryan