Wedding Photographers Heaven

This church is amazing, we hope that one day we will get to shoot a wedding there. Notre Dame Cathedral in Old Montreal is so stunning. I can’t believe we have never been inside until this weekend. There is so…

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Go Green | Board

My favorite color! green, its so fresh, and fun. You can do green anytime of the year, emeralds in winter, green grass colors in spring, lime in summer, and rich olive tones in fall. Green is a great accent, the…

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Baby Blue | Board

Baby blue, teal, Tiffany Blue, Aqua, I see these colors quite a bit in magazines, but we haven’t had an over whelming amount of blues at our weddings over the years. We see a lot of blue and brown together,…

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Think Pink | Board

We have put together some cool color palettes from past weddings. We do at least 1 pink wedding a year, it always ends up being in June. Pink is one of those colors that is great for a fresh spring…

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Our Photo shoot Wish List

We are soooo pumped about some of the great weddings we are going to shoot in 2009! Around this time last year we made a list of some of the locations we want to shoot weddings at, and we are…

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