Shooting for the Story

There are so many amazing photographs out there in cyberspace, I am sure everyone stumbles across a beautiful photo every day, or even a photographer who has taken one. In our personal experience as photographers and artists it has to…

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You at work!

Lately Ryan and I have been asked by some of our wedding vendor friends to photograph them at work. We have had the chance to get to know some of Ontario’s best wedding vendors, from planners, to decorators, to cake…

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How I met Ryan

A few weeks ago was our 5 year anniversary,  April 1st  of 2004 was when we met (Ryan would argue this date) we met in front of a grocery store where I was training for a job as a cashier…

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Touring Mexico | Erika & Ryan

Its amazing how much I didn’t know about Mexico, I almost felt out of place because I didn’t take the time to learn very much before we visited. Mexico is an amazing country, its beautiful, it has so much history,…

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Memories of Mexico

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to telling stories about this destination wedding in Mexico. We experienced so many things, and went on so many adventures. The more I look at these photos the more I…

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Hola Amigos!

Ryan and I are back from an fun filled week in Mexico. We photographed an amazing wedding , and had time to be tourists. We have tons of photos and videos to share and tons of stories to tell. Here…

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Let them Eat Cake | Bridal Shoot

Who doesn’t love a cute cupcake or beautifully colored and extremely detailed wedding cake?….. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t. Which is why we decided to bring the brains of some of the areas hottest wedding vendors together for…

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Wedding Photographers Heaven

This church is amazing, we hope that one day we will get to shoot a wedding there. Notre Dame Cathedral in Old Montreal is so stunning. I can’t believe we have never been inside until this weekend. There is so…

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