How I met Ryan

A few weeks ago was our 5 year anniversary,  April 1st  of 2004 was when we met (Ryan would argue this date) we met in front of a grocery store where I was training for a job as a cashier…

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Touring Mexico | Erika & Ryan

Its amazing how much I didn’t know about Mexico, I almost felt out of place because I didn’t take the time to learn very much before we visited. Mexico is an amazing country, its beautiful, it has so much history,…

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Memories of Mexico

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to telling stories about this destination wedding in Mexico. We experienced so many things, and went on so many adventures. The more I look at these photos the more I…

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Hola Amigos!

Ryan and I are back from an fun filled week in Mexico. We photographed an amazing wedding , and had time to be tourists. We have tons of photos and videos to share and tons of stories to tell. Here…

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Let them Eat Cake | Bridal Shoot

Who doesn’t love a cute cupcake or beautifully colored and extremely detailed wedding cake?….. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t. Which is why we decided to bring the brains of some of the areas hottest wedding vendors together for…

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Wedding Photographers Heaven

This church is amazing, we hope that one day we will get to shoot a wedding there. Notre Dame Cathedral in Old Montreal is so stunning. I can’t believe we have never been inside until this weekend. There is so…

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Photographing Photographers | Gail Kenney

Much like the cobblers children don’t have any shoes, a photographer rarely has their photos taken. Today Gail Kenney of Nightingailphotography.com and I set out to update our head shots (really we just needed new facebook pics ahah!) I have…

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Love Letter from our Clients

Dear Erika & Ryan I got the albums… I LOVE THEM, THEY ARE PERFECT, PERFECT!!!!!! They are more beautiful than I ever imagined, I am seriously thinking about getting a little one to put in my purse, I love them!…

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