kids by a limo

Cans for Comments

This year has been absolutely fabulous, Ryan and I cannot express how thankful we are for everything we have been given this year. We have had such amazing support for our photography, and it makes our day when we get…

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Tribute to Alfred Eisenstaedt

This year Ryan and I decided to dress up for Halloween. In the past it hasn’t really been our thing, but we we had the urge to try something new. We wanted to dress up as something clever, something classy,…

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A Little Bit (more) of Paris

I know I said this would be my last post, and it just might be. But I do have a collection of photos waiting to be edited for this blog. If I have some time later this week I will…

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Paris Je T'aime

When I was in Paris I had a lot of moments, kind of like that phrase “In a New York minute” which refers to one crazy unpredictable moment leading to something else that is completely different. When I got to…

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Carrousel de la Tour Eiffel

Paris really is a City of Love. You can’t walk anywhere without catching people kissing, or hugging. And you really can’t blame them, Paris is the most romantic city in the world. That’s why so many couples flock there after…

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Shooting for the Story

There are so many amazing photographs out there in cyberspace, I am sure everyone stumbles across a beautiful photo every day, or even a photographer who has taken one. In our personal experience as photographers and artists it has to…

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