City of Barrie Aerial Photography

The Beauty of our City

by Ryan Rowell on July 11, 2016

Just a little reminder of how beautiful our city of Barrie is. We are extremely lucky to live here and to have such a breathtaking landscape. I know that sometimes its easy to take it for granted. Especially when you are stuck in traffic getting home from work, or any weekend in summer when the sun is out and hundreds of people clamour to the lakeshore. The cleanliness of our city and the pristine Kempenfelt Bay can sometimes seem more like a privilege than a gift. But I assure you that it is a gift, and it is our job to preserve it.

Last month Ryan, along with Travis Doucette of the Barrie Historical Archive, and Herman Koeslag of Eye in The Sky, ventured high above our hometown to capture aerial photographs for about 5 mins, then they had to come down because Travis got terribly ill. So 15 mins later Ryan and Herman ventured high above our beautiful city for an hour long tour capturing aerial photographs of Barrie, Ontario’s lakeshore and neighborhoods. Herman taking photos for the Barrie Historical Archives website design, and Ryan for the archive itself.

Have a look through the aerial photography below, and see if you can’t recognize the neighbourhoods in the city of Barrie. We hope you find inspiration in these landscapes and that they inspire you to preserve its beauty. Be it by keeping it a little cleaner, supporting local businesses and events, by getting involved in city council, or if you are a local photographer or enthusiast by contributing to the archive. Contact us to contribute.


Erika & Ryan


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