Colella Family – Families in the Park

by Ryan Rowell

We’ve come a long way since high school.

With our wedding just around the corner, and realizing how big of a step that is, I have been feeling very nostalgic lately, especially for my high school years. It really seems like yesterday sometimes, and other times its like a distant, faded memory. I’ve been thinking a lot about old friends, some of whom I see quite often and some of whom I havent’ seen since. When Jenn contacted us for our Families in the Park photo shoots, it took me right back to high school. I went to Barrie North Collegiate with Jenn and when I saw her all grown up and married, with a super cute kid who thinks he is a magician, it just made me realize how much our lives have all changed, and how far we have all come. It is truly an honor when old friends find us and ask us to document this time in their lives. Thanks to the Colella family for being so awesome, and giving us great moments to capture.

We hope one day when your baby boy is all grown up you will look back on these images, and become nostalgic for this time.

Happy Mother’s Day Jenn!


Ryan & Erika

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