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by Ryan Rowell on March 22, 2011

Top 10 things you may not know about Erika & Ryan and Rowell Photography .

1. Since the day we met, we have worked together. First at a photo studio, then at a gym, then at Rowell Photography.

2. In 2007 we won an award with the Canadian National Newspaper Association for a photo essay we did on figure skating. Our essay beat out city newspapers across Canada with a distribution of 30,000.

3. We worked on the set of a YTV show as set stills photographers for 6 months. The show was called Monster Warriors and we often spent endless days shooting people dressed as monsters, sets designed to look like caves, teenagers in space suits, and guns made from vacuum cleaner parts. It was awesome!

4. A few years ago we, within the span of 2 months were interviewed by Maclean’s Magazine, CBC Radio Toronto, CBC Radio Sudbury and our local newspaper for a Trash the Dress shoot we did and on the topic of proposal photography all because I talked about it on our blog.

5.  As of 2008, Ryan and I had photographed 5000 families together. This was made possible by working at the busiest and cheapest photo studio in town for 3 years and then, when we opened Rowell Photography, photographing a church directory for the largest church in Barrie.

6. For the last 2 years we have organized the Dusk until Dawn photo shoot. Where photographers of any caliber and from anywhere can participate in a community night time shoot in various locations around the city of Barrie. We invite models, collaborate on ideas and shoot from 7pm-7am.

7. In 2010 our wedding work was featured in magazines all over the world; Canada, USA, Ireland, Czech Republic, and Russia. Our commercial work was published in 7 Nationwide publications and magazines.

8. We once drove all the way to Fredericton, New Brunswick for an engagement session. That’s 16 hours without stops, with stops its probably more like 26. It was so fun, we love driving out East.

9. Once we were stopped at lights down at Yonge and Dundas Square and images from an advertising campaign we shot were flashing on the big screens. It was crazy! I felt the way singers must feel when they hear their song on the radio for the first time.

10. Ever since we began our business we have been shooting commercial photography. We work with a few model and talent agencies in Toronto on their clients headshots and portfolios, as well as advertising companies and magazines. For a long time we wanted to focus on meeting as many of our goals for our wedding photography business, since we have done that, we would now like to formally introduce you all to the commercial side of our photography business.

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