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Kids Headshots – Harlee Hutchison

Some parents choose to photograph their very young children’s headshots as it can be too pricey to update headshots as fast as these child actors and models grow. We completely agree that it can be pricey to do a full photo shoot and styling for children under the age of 5 more than 4 times a year. A busy adult actor or model might update their portfolio only 4 times a year (with the seasons). So children should not need to be photographed this often professionally. But I highly recommend 2 small shoots a year for any busy child actor or model under the age of 5 years.

Our youngest client Harlee Hutchison needed a quick headshot for an audition this week. 30 mins is really all a kid Harlee’s age really needs, its the perfect time frame to get the best images out of a 3 year old.

Good luck to Harlee on her audition!


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