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Kids Headshots – Harlee Hutchison

Some parents choose to photograph their very young children’s headshots as it can be too pricey to update headshots as fast as these child actors and models grow. We completely agree that it can be pricey to do a full photo shoot and styling for children under the age of 5 more than 4 times […]

Actors Headshots – Bianca Heuvelmans

Bianca is actor from the Randolph Academy in Toronto she is almost completed her schooling there and is preparing for a few theatrical performances for the late spring in Toronto. In a few weeks we will be filming her first audition tape. She is reading from one of my favourite movies The Notebook. We can’t […]

Actors Headshots – Lexi Munslow

Toronto has some fabulous acting schools, and last month we had Lexi Munslow of the Randolph Academy in our studio for her first headshots. Not only did we have a ton of fun, but we also were able to capture some great images. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lexi and […]

Self Tape – Joanne Blouin

Self Tapes are used by actors and commercial models to showcase a little bit of who they are for online auditions and casting calls. This video below is just a sample of what our new self tapes will look like. Thanks Joanne for participating in this experimental video shoot. You look gorgeous! E & R […]

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