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Commercial Portraits – Jennifer Klementti

Jen is a friend and photographer from Barrie, ON. She owns a studio/gallery in the downtown core of Barrie. When she wanted new photos for her website and social media sites she contacted us to capture light and airy portraits of her at Barrie’s waterfront, and some fun studio portraits. Thanks Jen for choosing us […]

Commercial Portraits – Curtis Moore

Curtis Moore is a wedding photographer from Winnipeg, Manitoba, a dad, husband, a HUGE advocate for healthy living and a good friend of ours. Recently he visited our studio for some portraits. I really love these portraits they remind me of the type of portraits you would see on Saturday Night Live. Thanks Curtis for […]

Photographer – Natalie Kay

Natalie Kay is a Toronto Photographer who was looking to update her site with some new portraits and a video about her and her photography. She saw the video we did for Joanne Blouin and contacted us for hers. She got our largest package (4 hours of shooting) and we hit up a bunch of […]

Audition Demo – Bianca Heuvelmans

Check out this video we shot last week at the Randolph Academy in downtown Toronto. Bianca is reading a scene from The Notebook and the voice you can hear but cannot see is Adam Joshua Norrad. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for both these talents!

Actors Headshots – Bianca Heuvelmans

Bianca is actor from the Randolph Academy in Toronto she is almost completed her schooling there and is preparing for a few theatrical performances for the late spring in Toronto. In a few weeks we will be filming her first audition tape. She is reading from one of my favourite movies The Notebook. We can’t […]

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