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Wardrobe Recommendations

Wardrobe Recommendations

Your clothes will determine your photo shoot. Run through this check list before your photo shoot to ensure you are preparred.

  • Avoid patterns. Patterns are distracting and the point of head shots and portraits is to showcase you and your face.
  • Your tops will determine the over all look of your headshots, bring a variety of necklines and styles of shirts.
  • I love the layer look, its very casual and natural. Bring a variety of jackets and light sweaters (not sweat shirts or hoodies) to create that look.
  • For bottoms, be sure to bring one good pair of jeans, black pants, or a dress pant. For ladies if you plan on having full body photos taken a skirt or dress would be great.
  • if you wear glasses please be prepared to take out the lenses or bring an extra frame without lenses. be prepared to be photographed with glasses and without.
  • be sure all your clothes are clean and pressed
  • Bring a variety of colors that look great on you. Try to mix it up with bold bright colors and neutral tons like grays,. browns, and blacks.
  • For shoes be sure to bring a pair of black shoes, this is a staple. You must have a pair of black shoes that are dress shoes. Feel free to bring shoes for each outfit.
  • Bring your smile and you confidence and let’s play!
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