by Ryan Rowell on August 9, 2009

Both Ryan and myself come from very large extended families. Ryan’s dad has 9 brothers and sisters and his mom has 5. My mom has 14 brothers and sisters. This resulted in a ton of cousins in our lives growing up.

Cousins are really special people, they are closer than friends because they are family, but not as tight as siblings because they don’t live with you, so you don’t get bored with them as quickly. And when you are a kid and have as many cousins as I had (35+) around growing up it was always a party. We were so lucky to grow up with that many familiar faces in our lives. Once or twice a year a huge group of us cousins get together for a party (The Cousins Reunion) its an awesome tradition, and very quickly brings you back to your roots and memories of your childhood. If you haven’t seen your cousins lately or touched base with them, give them a call and get them together.

These 3 cuties below are cousins, and soon will be welcoming a 4th cousin to their clan.

These 3 have so much fun together, and we only witnessed an hour of them. I hope they never loose touch.

Enjoy these few photos.

Erika & Ryan