Craigleith Engagement Session – Collingwood, ON

Kate & Barb

by Ryan Rowell on July 29, 2014

We talk a lot about weddings on this blog and not so much about marriage, and with good reason, most of the people featured on this blog have little to no experience in a marriage. I never though much about marriage being a topic on this blog until I met Barb & Kate. It is very rare that we meet a couple, who we have the honor of photographing with as much marriage experience as these two have. Even though these images from this past June are of their engagement, the extremely impressive history these two have together is more than admirable. Barb & Kate have been together for 22 years! I call that a marriage whether there is a piece of paper or not. In a day and age where so much focus and effort is put on having a fabulous wedding, it seems as though the concept of marriage can get left by the way side. When I hear of a couple making plans to get married after 22 years of commitment I have to applaud, because it is just so rare. Most people give up. But what makes this one stand out to us about Barb & Kate is not only how well they have managed to sustain a long relationship, its the genuine happiness, and love, and grace that they exude when they are together. You don’t see love like this everyday. After their session, Ryan and I talked about Barb and Kate for a week, we want to work for a relationship like theirs.

We photographed Kate & Barb’s engagement photos just 10 days before their wedding (stay tuned to the blog to see that post) at Craigleith Provincial Park. They wanted to see a sunset, and this is undeniably one of the best locations in Ontario to catch a great sunset.

For about 6 years I have had this Chinese paper lantern sitting on my office shelf, just waiting to be used. So I brought it along and thought it would make for cute photos at the end of the session. Kate and Barb thought so also, and without planning they brought one as well. Theirs was newer and worked beautifully, and mine, burned a hole in its side straight out the gate and ironically floated, in a small ball of fire to the lake. Those photos are not shown in this blog post, haha!

We love these photos, and we hope you all do too. Thank you to Barb & Kate for a great photo shoot!


Erika & Ryan

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