Destination Iceland Honeymoon

Written by Erika & Ryan on September 8, 2010

This is the first year we offered destination honeymoon photo shoots. Couples have taken us to Mexico, Paris & Iceland, and hopefully more in the future. How it basically works is the couple chooses a few days during the honeymoon where they plan to either to go sight seeing or just hang out wherever they are and have some photos taken. Its not everyday we all get to travel to stunning locations and get movie star treatment, so why not have a professional capture this time in your life for you.

Greg & Lisa chose something really unique, a 10 day drive around the Golden Circle in Iceland. Its a once in a lifetime trip! So when they asked us to capture their trip we said “yes” like 2 little children getting extra dessert. We mapped out 5 days of great locations for their Iceland honeymoon photos, Lisa brought her wedding dress, and Greg brought a suit. In front of Iceland, and hundreds of European tourists they stood on cliff edges over looking waterfalls, mountain tops, icebergs, and beautiful black sand beaches.

10 days, 2 cars, 8 bed and breakfasts, and so many photos we are going to have to buy more hard drive space!

I am going to start with my favorite photo, it gives me goosebumps just looking at it. It turned out exactly how we envisioned it. This was taken at Goðafoss Iceland, its like a mini Niagara Falls only there are no guard rails or cheesy tourists shops. You can stand on the edges, its actually a little terrifying, one of the best parts about the entire country is that all their natural sights are free, even their parks.

Greg & Lisa have a thing for waterfalls, so this was a must shot for them. There were at least 60-75 tourists watching this impromptu Iceland honeymoon photo shoot.

honeymoon photo session iceland Destination Iceland Honeymoon
Lisa and Greg standing in front of Godafoss getting additional Iceland wedding photos

godafoss bride Destination Iceland Honeymoon

iceland1 Destination Iceland Honeymoon

godafoss phto shoot Destination Iceland Honeymoon

bridal portraits iceland Destination Iceland Honeymoon

This next location is called Námafjall, it is my 2nd favorite place in Iceland. The home of boiling mud pots! It smells like sulfur non-stop, the earth is bright orange and blue gray, and the holes in the ground make weird squishy noises as the mud bubbles. Steam is rising out of piles of rocks. It is like another planet! Its located in a town called Lake Mývatn. It reminds us of our Muskoka. Lots of lakes, tons of campers and even more flies. But its absolutely stunning.

mud pots iceland Destination Iceland Honeymoon

honeymoon phtoography iceland Destination Iceland Honeymoon

100815 044950 01798 Edit1 Destination Iceland Honeymoon

wedding mud pots iceland Destination Iceland Honeymoon

100815 051057 01892 Edit Destination Iceland Honeymoon

honeymoon iceland Destination Iceland Honeymoon

The black sand beaches at Vík pronounced “veek”.

black and white at vik iceland 1 Destination Iceland Honeymoon

black and white at vik iceland 2 Destination Iceland Honeymoon

During our entire 10 day trip it rained only twice. Once in the West and once in the East. The first day it rained was in the west. We decided to go a local museum inside these cute, ancient Icelandic Turf Houses.

icelandic museum photo shoot Destination Iceland Honeymoon

turf houses iceland couples shoot 2 Destination Iceland Honeymoon

turf houses photo shoot Destination Iceland Honeymoon

turf houses iceland couples shoot 1 Destination Iceland Honeymoon

icelandic landscapes Destination Iceland Honeymoon

On the day it rained in the East we were on a quest to see Puffins. Now there is a place in Iceland where they say millions of Puffins live and you can see them. It was 1.5 hours of the beaten track. We actually found out later that Icelanders don’t even drive those roads we drove down because they are too dangerous. Damn GPS! The drive was brutal, white knuckle, face pressed up to the windshield in thick mountain fog, rain and cliff edges so close we had to drive 15 km/h. But we did manage to get to our destination. An old fishing village hidden behind mountains. In the rain we drove out to the look out spot, and as we climbed up the steps to the look out only to read a sign that said Puffins are here from April to August 15th, the date was August 14th. But they were gone, not a Puffin in sight, everyone was really bummed out. For a place that is supposed to be the home of millions had none.

Then suddenly in the distance we saw one last lonely Puffin. The photo below is really zoomed in.

one last lonely puffin iceland Destination Iceland Honeymoon

If the weather gets too bad at the top of the mountain you can stay here. It has a little bed and supplies inside. Note: this was not one of the places we stayed at. At least the option was there. If it were dark outside I would have been cuddled up in this hut.

100815 094756 01917 Destination Iceland Honeymoon

mountains of iceland Destination Iceland Honeymoon

The lava field & church at Búðir.

iceland sweet escape Destination Iceland Honeymoon

budir church wedding photos iceland Destination Iceland Honeymoon

iceland honeymoon photos Destination Iceland Honeymoon

This is the base of Seljalandsfoss you can walk in and behind this waterfall. It is the closest waterfall to the volcano Eyjafjallajökull. If you are wondering “foss” does mean falls.

100817 122035 02888 Edit Destination Iceland Honeymoon

skogafoss waterfall iceland Destination Iceland Honeymoon

Greg & Lisa in a trolls cave at Dimmborgir. From the outside this cave is actually shaped like a church or “Kirkajan”

couple in a troll cave iceland Destination Iceland Honeymoon

Krafla Volcano.

100814 063839 01557 Destination Iceland Honeymoon

This is my favorite place in Iceland Jökulsárlón, the glacial lagoon. We spent 4 hours here just shooting,  looking and being an awe of natures wonders.

honeymoon photo shoot Destination Iceland Honeymoon

funny couples shot iceland Destination Iceland Honeymoon

iceland wedding Destination Iceland Honeymoon

glacial lagoon iceland1 Destination Iceland Honeymoon

mountain sweet escape Destination Iceland Honeymoon

honeymoon photo shoot glacial lagoon Destination Iceland Honeymoon

Lisa had some cute rubber boots on however Greg did not. You should have heard the tourists all gasp when he ripped off his shoes and joined his wife in Arctic waters.

groom goes for a dip in arctic waters Destination Iceland Honeymoon

The Icebergs you see in the lagoon break off of the Glacier Vatnajökul. They hang out in the glacial lagoon for a while and then float on over to a mini waterfall which pushes them out to the ocean. Sometimes they get stuck in the shallow water and beach themselves.

couple on a glacier iceland 2 Destination Iceland Honeymoon

That is the end for now of our trip and Greg & Lisa’s honeymoon adventure in Iceland. It is now time for us to start preparing their wedding & destination honeymoon albums. Thank you so much for having us along for the ride, I don’t even have words to describe how much we love the images from this trip. This week Ryan put up a 20×30 print in the meeting space at our studio of 3rd image in the Jökulsárlón set of images from this blog post. It is so interesting and detailed, just to see it printed so large is captivating. You guys did such an amazing job!

couple on an iceberg honeymoon iceland Destination Iceland Honeymoon


Thank you or Takk fyrir

E & R

P.S. If your thinking of going someplace amazing for your Honeymoon and want great photos, contact us. We would love to shoot your wedding and destination. If your looking to have an Iceland honeymoon you will love every minute of it.