The Champagne Family

Families in the Park

by Ryan Rowell

Finally, its starting to look like spring! Mother nature messed with us a little bit with freezing rain and sleet in mid-April, but fingers crossed this beautiful weather is here to stay. This week Ryan and I tackled the backyard, racking through last years soggy leaves. It’s definitely not my favorite chore which is why we like to spend our time at Barrie’s Sunnidale Park, where our tax dollars are hard at work clearing last years soggy leaves and planting fresh flowers for so we don’t have to, but more importantly so we will have a beautiful outdoor location to take your family portraits.

Last year’s family photo promo at Barrie’s Sunnidale Park called  Families in the Park was a great success we had 15 families join us in the park, some I still have yet to blog. Here is the Champagne family, like us they are world travellers, photo enthusiasts and over all a super fun family. These images are just an example of the fun family memories we can create for you!

Stay tuned to our blog for official Families in the Park dates but we are planning for the last week of May. Thank you to the Champagne Family for beging yourselves, and giving us the opportunity to photograph you all at this amazing time in your lives.


Erika & Ryan