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Cabin General Store

by Ryan Rowell on January 6, 2015

Over the past year we have been creating a new commercial portfolio. Our work focuses on lifestyle and travel photography for editorial use, and business brand photography. People doing what they do in their space. The portfolio and site are done, and we hope you will take some time to view it today! Rowell Photography Commercial.

To kick off our new commercial portraiture blog, we wanted to share a shoot we did for a small family run business, and because the whole family was there the day of the shoot we wanted to share it across both our wedding and family portraiture blog as well.

This summer we has the pleasure of creating commercial portraits and interior photography for the Cabin General Store in Port Perry, Ontario. Owned by Kristine & Alan, this little shop that offers vintage finds, gifts and curiosities is nothing short of adorable. You might even remember this couple from their popular engagement session. Like a walk down memory lane, Cabin General reminds me of shops that existed when I was a kid growing up in a small town. From handmade soaps to slinkies, and even custom products designs and made by the stores owners. Its worth the drive wherever you are coming from.

When it came to the over all look and feeling we wanted to portray in their commercial photographs we knew right away what we wanted to do. Alan & Kristine have really created a feeling and a look for their shop, its bright and colorful, and when people walk in they often start up a conversation, as they grow nostalgic for the trinkets, and old street and shop signs that fill the space with personality. For this photo shoot we literally photographing the Mom and Pop shop. Immediately when I think of that I see flashes of images from old turn of the century photographs of New York City shops and little kids running around the cash register, and picking out candy. I see fathers showing sons the ropes so they can one day take over the family business. It all sounds so simple. But the reality is that it is not easy to open up a shop anymore. So we really wanted to show that families still do run small businesses in small town Canada. We know you will enjoy these images.

Congratulations to the family at Cabin General Store on your first year! and also on your soon to be new baby!

Cheers & Thank you for having us as your Commercial Photographers.

Erika & Ryan

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