Featured in a Russian Wedding Magazine

by Ryan Rowell

Hey Everyone!

This is just a short little post. We were pretty excited when one of our images was featured in a Russian Wedding Magazine. We have no clue what it says, but we are in good company, from what we can tell it talks about a few wedding planning companies and has a few images from some great photographers in Russia and Eastern Europe. We think its the coolest thing ever! Canadians like us don’t get images featured in Russian wedding magazines everyday.

The image comes from Ryan and Tara’s Prague wedding.We only have a scan of the magazine, so if anyone out there can read the words off the images below and let us know the name of this Russian wedding magazine so we can order one online, that would be wonderful, we would appreciate that so much. Just leave your translations in the comments section below. Online translators are not very helpful.

First is the photo they featured from Tara & Ryan’s destination wedding in Prague, Czech Republic.