Gladstone Hotel Wedding – Toronto, ON

by Ryan Rowell on November 5, 2010

Its not too often that we get to shoot a wedding this casual,  Jonanthan & Paul the grooms both wore jeans, untucked dress shirts, no ties and blazers for their wedding a few weeks ago. Actually the entire wedding party and guests were told to keep it casual, jeans were the official recommendation of pant, Ryan and i over dressed again. But that is just this couples style. When planning a wedding, as a couple it is so easy to loose sight of who you are, when there are so many wedding details to think about and options for couples to choose from. We believe that your wedding should be a reflection of your relationship and who you have become because of the other person in your life. It shouldn’t be about how many hand made centerpieces you imported from far way lands or the celebrity chef you flew in to cater your meal. Your wedding in the simplest terms should just be about you and your partner.

Every person we chatted with at Jon & Paul’s wedding would say “this wedding is so Jon & Paul, casual, stylish and fun!” So you know that if your guests get it, then you  have done something right. The wedding ceremony and reception were held inside the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. At the end of the night Jon & Paul cut their “cupcake” with a machete. The crowd loved it! Check out the pics below.

Ryan and I want to thank Jon & Paul for choosing us to capture some truly beautiful moments on their wedding day. We would also love to thank Paul’s sister for doing the research to find us and convince Paul & Jon to even have a photographer (that’s right, they were going so casual for the wedding they weren’t even going to hire a photographer). We are very glad they did.

Congratulations Jon & Paul !!!!

Erika & Ryan

P.S- Food for thought:  Jon & Paul’s Wedding was Rowell Photography’s 8th Gay wedding in 6 years of business. Actually the first ever wedding photographed by Ryan was a lesbian couple, who have now been married for 7 years! They were actually married before Gay marriage was legalized in Canada completely, but after the Civil Marriage Act was modified to allow for 8 of the then 10 provinces to allow marriages to happen. The wedding was a huge group ceremony, overseen by one minister and 100 couples. Amazing!