Shaoyi & Lin Ze

Written by Ryan Rowell on June 1, 2015

On a sunny morning in our little town called Imerovigli, we walked 7 minutes down the white painted paths to meet Shaoyi & Linze for their Santorini anniversary photo session. They traveled from China to celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary in Greece, to have a little bit of the essence of the Greek Islands captured in photographs. So before a day of planned sightseeing, Shaoyi & Lin Ze met us at the entrance of a tiny white and blue church, high up on the rooftops of the tiny town. Where the view is truly spectacular, and the entire island is at your fingertips.

To wake up in the morning and see these stunning views is a real gift, this landscape is breathtaking, and the island moves at a slow enough pace to actually enjoy the views. I challenge anyone to find a place more beautiful than the Greek Islands. If there was ever a place that could change your mind about where you live, make you pick up your bags and leave everything else behind, this place would be it.

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