Happy New Year 2017

by Ryan Rowell on December 31, 2016

In the spirit of New Years Eve and as 2016 draws to a close, we wanted to reflect on some of the photographs we have taken these past few years. More specifically some of the fireworks photos we have taken. We have captured so many moments for so many amazing people and our love for photography is still unchanged. The more photos we take, the more we love what we do. Being the memory keepers for so many families is a great honour. When I think about all the photographs we captured this past year and in previous years, I am reminded of this poem. I hope it rings true for you all too. From one of my all time, favourite poets and lyricists: Fran Landesman

Photographs are smiles that last forever;
Snow men that never melt away,
Birthday celebrations caught in amber,
Rescued from the vaults of yesterday.

Faces that were once more dear than diamonds,
Boys that kept you up until the dawn,
Houses filled with bicycles and babies,
Ghosts who left their shadows on the lawn.

Photographs are holes in time’s gray curtain,
Through them we can peek into the past,
Call upon our parents and children,
Pop a cork with members of the cast.

There they are, the days of jazz and joy-rides;
Snaps of magic moments lit by laughs;
If you ever find my house on fire
Leave the silver, save the photographs.

Happy New Year from the Rowell Photography Team. We hope you all have a fantastic 2017, filled with love, laughter and magic.