Honeymoon Escape – Tara & Ryan – Versailles, FR.

by Ryan Rowell

Tara & Ryan’s Honeymoon photo session lasted 2 days the 2nd day was at Versailles palace and Trianon Palace Hotel. This trip was my second time to Versailles Palace, and I was still overwhelmed. Its hard not to be, the entire palace is filed with framed paintings that could cover my house! I always have a hard time imagining people living there, its no wonder Petit Trianon was built as a getaway for Marie Antoinette. Having the chance to shoot at honeymoon photo shoot at Versailles and around the gardens is very surreal. I am a huge French Revolution buff and I am full of useless facts about Marie Antoinette, so getting the chance to see everything on context was an amazing experience.

This is our very last post on the blog of Tara and Ryan honeymoon photo session adventure for a while, they have had a very nice stay here on our blog, but its finally time for me to start putting together their albums (they have ordered one from each country we visited). Yesterday Tara and Ryan left for Dubai, to move into their new home. Congratulations!!! we can’t wait to see photos of your new place. Stay in touch. (I know you will)

Erika & Ryan

Ryan, Tara and I in the Hall of Mirrors, Versailles Palace.

A goofy shot of Ryan and I shooting Tara & Ryan

Ryan took this shot of the reflections of chandeliers in Marie Antoinette’s bedroom, I took the same shot when I was there 7 months earlier.

The ceiling fresco in the Bastille Hall, and an ornate doorknob with Louis The Sun King’s face on it.