Italy Destination – Rome, Positano, Florence & Venice

Elizabeth & Stephen

by Ryan Rowell

You may have the universe if I may have Italy!Giuseppe Verdi

How is it possible that so much beauty can be in one place? It still boggles my mind. I remember walking down a set of stone stairs in Rome and I saw a blank wall with fancy mouldings and exclaimed that I actually could take photos on this wall for hours without getting bored, without loosing interest. Without a shadow of doubt, Italy is engaging, and maybe sometimes overwhelming. I often found it hard to focus in the most amazing way as I sauntered down cobblestone alleys.
Every time I visit a new place I say that I fall in love with it, it consumes my thoughts, and I want to immerse myself in its history and culture, but Italy did not consume me, it swallowed me whole! The memories I am taking away from this place are so engrained in my mind that I found it hard to pick up a pen and write a journal entry about it. For one of the very first times on our travels I could not find the words to describe the places I had seen. Thankfully, we can take a photo. Thankfully we can hold on to a moment just a little bit longer. We traveled with friends, some of the best we know, and experienced food, culture, great conversation, scary hillside road trips, ancient ruins, enough leather to make a biker jealous, and the most endearing, caring Italian people. This trip was definitely imprinted on us.

If you don’t recognize the couple in these photographs you will most certainly recognize their wedding work, as they are Elizabeth & Stephen, the creative force behind the brand. We have had the opportunity to work with them on so many weddings, but most importantly over the years we have all become great friends and great inspiration to us. They even let us do a few impromptu couples photos of them as we traveled through Rome, Florence, Positano, and Venice. Hopefully these couples photos in Italy will inspire you to travel there one day.

Cheers to our friends, Liz and Steve! Traveling with you guys by plane, train, car, boat, bus, taxi, and metro is an adventure, and we are so stoked for our next one. We hope you love these photos as much as we loved taking them.

Erika & Ryan

destination couples photos in Florence Italy.
Couple shares a kiss under an ancient bridge at a park just steps from our Florentine apartment.
romantic honeymoon photos Florence, Italy
This is the view of our neighbourhood in Florence from a local park.

portrait photography destination florence portraits

destination couples photography florence italy parks

Firenze portrait photography destination photographer

ponte vecchop florence hdr photos
The view from Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

alleyways of florence italy

couple shares a kiss at Florentine cafe in Florence Italy

cute florentine shop florence italy

Destination portrait photographer Florence Italy
Just outside the Gallery Uffitzi, in Florence, Italy.

Uffizi gallery florence italy

tourists taking photos in florence italy

path of the gods positano Italy
Path of the Gods, Positano, Italy
amalfi coast Italy photography
Our drive along the Amalfi Coast.

couples destination photography positano italy

Ristorante positano Italy amalfi coast

sunset at villa sofia nocelle italy
The sunsetting over the hills of Positano at our Bed & Breakfast Villa Sofia in Nocelle – Positano, Italy.
Cafe positano at night Italy
Cafe Positano is such a unique restaurant. The tables are set up across the road so servers have to look both ways as they cross the street to serve you.
couple dancing in the street at Cafe positano in italy
The song “That’s Amore” must have come on 3 times during our meal that night. On the 3rd time Steve danced with Liz in the street.

gorgeous night time view amalfi coast

romantic couple embrace at el castillo rome italy
Just down the street from the Vatican is El Castillo which is connected to this gorgeous bridge in Rome, Italy.
destination anniversary couples photos Rome, ITaly
The Roman Ruins are visible from the street in downtown Rome. You can enjoy the free view as you walk on by.

Destination portrait photographer Rome, Italy

roman forum rome italy

Destination couples photos Rome, Italy

Rowell Photography shooting in Rome ITaly couples portraits

Rome Italy cafe at night group photos
A rainy night in Rome, Italy.
Rome couples photos colesseum
The Colosseum in Rome was fantastic! It was better than we expected, and worth the 30 euros for the Roma Pass to jump the line.

Rome Italy portraits in Ancient colesseum

roman nose colesseum rome italy
Every time we saw a statue Liz would comment how Steve’s nose looked “Roman” finally we have the proof.

Couples photos rome italy colesseum

cute tourist couple rome italy

famous spiral staircase vatican museum italy
The famous spiral staircase at the Vatican Museum in Italy.

Saint Peters Basillica and Vatican Museum photos

Ceilings of the Vatican Museum Italy
Ceilings of the Vatican Museum in Rome, Italy.
Piazza Navona couples honeymoon portraits Italy
On the left, this is the famous fountain from the movie Angels & Demons, where Robert Langdon saves the Pope. Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy.

Rome Italy destination portrait photography

Trevi Foutrain crowds at night rome italy
The late night crowds at Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.

rome italy couples photos at night

couples photos spanish steps Rome, Italy

Gorgeous building in Venice Italy
One of the most gorgeous buildings in Venice, Italy. Seen from our boat taxi.

stunning portraits Venice Italy canal boat ride

Stunning venice Italy landscapes

Venice Italy boat photos

rialto bridge venice italy group portraits
Group shot of us at the Rialto Bridge from our boat taxi in Venice, Italy

Venice Italy destination couples photography

Venice Italy travel photos

venitian churches venice italy

piazza san marco portraits italy

destination portrait photography venice italy
Couples photos Piazza San Marco at night, Venice Italy.

venice honeymoon photos at night, Italy