John & Sarah Getting Married- Glenerin Inn, Mississauga ON

by Ryan Rowell on August 10, 2009

Last weekend I had the chance to shoot a wedding with Leanna of Lee Weston Photography. This girl is truly amazing, and I was so excited to work with her. I had seen the amazing photos she had shot of this couple below’s engagement and I couldn’t wait for the wedding.

Witnessing one of the most important days in someones life really moves you, and I think sometimes we all take these moments for granted as viewers, guests and outsiders. But since I shoot a wedding pretty much every weekend I am moved a lot. I am going to make it my personal goal as a photographer to really pay attention to the emotions that are all around us on these special, life changing occasions. Not only to capture real moments, but also to let myself be moved more often.

During the reception John and Sarah took the podium, and what I thought was going to be a “we want to thank our parents and the staff” speech really turned into something more special. They told us how they met. Yeah I know, its been done before, what’s the real significance? Well here it is, John tells Sarah that story before they go to bed each night. Can you even think of anything more romantic?

The only thing I have ever heard or seen that is as romantic as that was the movie the Notebook¬† (and if you haven’t seen that, you need to, its a cry-fest, but you will love it.) I was having a cry-fest during their speech and the story John told about how they met. Sometimes people just move you.

John & Sarah love each other so unconditionally, John illuminates when Sarah walks by and Sarah, like she said in her speech “Just can’t get enough of John”.

Thank you Leanna for asking me to photograph this wedding with you, and thank you to John & Sarah for moving me.

Congratulations and have an awesome time in Europe!