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Snowmobile Sex Machine

by Ryan Rowell on March 7, 2016

Sometimes I feel like we live a little bit of a double life. While we have always photographed a wide range of subjects, and our business has always been about people, their lives, loves and businesses, the genre of portraiture has taken us to some very strange and beautiful places. From the balconies of palaces to a tiny garage in the middle of no where.

When the internet giant Kijiji/eBay contacted us to do a shoot for them, we were speechless. Shoots like this do not come along too often. Then when they told us that the actual job was to photograph portraits of people who have found success on Kijiji, we could not believe our luck. A massive company that is about as synonymous with the internet as Facebook is wants to hire us to do what we love to do. It was an amazing feeling.

So we were tasked with photographing commercial portraits of Chris, a mechanic, and turns out; one hell of an ad writer. He wrote a hilarious ad to sell an old snowmobile that garnered him a lot of buzz, and the attention of Kijiji and eBay. So much so that they have featured him and his ad along with our commercial photography on their official website. We met Chris at the garage where he works early one morning and photographed him and fixing a car, and posing with comically oversized tools. It was a fantastic experience, Chris was amazing to work with, and this Kijiji/eBay commercial photos are a great addition to our commercial photography portfolio.

Thanks Chris for an awesome photo shoot.


Erika & Ryan

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