Knox College &
Toronto Island

Dannie & Simon

by Ryan Rowell

Typically we are asked to travel to beautiful destinations around the world to photograph couples for their weddings and pre-wedding/engagement photography. This time we had the pleasure of photographing a couple who came all the way from Hong Kong for their Toronto Island pre-wedding photo shoot. Simon works in finance and Dannie works as a script reader for the Hong Kong movie industry. They both love the architecture of Knox College and wanted to dress up in their wedding outfits for some romantic pre-wedding photos, followed by a date night to Toronto Island.

Knox College is one of our new places to shoot, it has a very Scottish/British feel to it. Reminiscent even of Harry Potter. It makes for amazing photography. We had just 30 minutes there but the ideas were flowing. Dannie & Simon were perfect subjects to photograph. They were so easy to get along with, and went with the flow as well as contributed ideas for photos. Because of all that we were able to take photos we are truly proud of. Its not often that a friendship can grow between people within just a few hours, but we consider these two friends. They even invited to us to visit them in Hong Kong, and hopefully we will travel to Hong Kong  someday soon.

Thank you Dannie & Simon for choosing us to be your photographers, and for traveling to Canada for your photo shoot. Next time we meet I hope its on your side of the planet 🙂

Congratulations on your wedding, and we wish nothing but the best for you both in you many years to come.


Your friends,

Erika & Ryan

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