MacLaren Art Centre Wedding

Jenny & Jeff

by Ryan Rowell

We are pretty stoked to share this MacLaren Art Centre wedding with you all that Luca photographed here in Barrie, ON with our good friend Richard Roth as his 2nd shooter. You may remember Jenny & Jeff from their Barrie, Ontario engagement session earlier this year also photographed by Luca. This wedding is pure class! From Jenny’s dress and soft pink shoes and Jeff’s cool blue suit, to busting champagne bottles over looking gorgeous Kempenfelt Bay and dancing the night away in an art gallery. This wedding truly captures everything that is beautiful about Barrie and this adorable couple. Luca & Richard, you really created some truly superb art here. Nice work photogra-friends!

We love that Jenny & Jeff opted to do a first look and see one another before the wedding ceremony. Couples often ask what the benefits of seeing one another ahead of time are, and here are just a few.

1. Seeing one another before can alleviate a lot of that wedding planning stress before the ceremony. It gives you that time to reconnect with one another about everything that needs to be in place before you say your “I do’s”. Once you have done that, you can start to just have fun! Texting one another seconds before you walk down the aisle to make sure the ushers sit your great aunt who is nearly blind at the front, or making sure the boutonnieres and corsages get to the right family members is not as calming and reassuring as looking at your spouse when you say it.

2. When you choose to see one another before the ceremony, you have the opportunity to be photographed together. I know you can do this after the ceremony, but its a nice feeling to know that once the ceremony is over and you walk down that aisle you are walking right into your cocktail reception, and you can start to mingle and get your drink on. Getting the family photos, your couples photos and bridal party done during this pre-ceremony time (in our experience) results in better photos throughout the day because you are relaxed, and you are not running your things to do list in your head. This is your time, you paid for it and you should be enjoying with with one another and all your awesome guests.

3. No matter how well you plan and schedule your wedding down to the minute, it is not going to be perfect. Things fall behind, and plans are altered. This is the reality of everything wedding. Your photographs are the only thing you take away from your wedding experience aside from one another and your rings. So when the ceremony and receiving line run over time and dinner must be served hot by 6pm, and you have yet to take a photo with both your families and your bridal party, what do you do? Well when you have the chef pressuring you to get people into the reception to be seated and the coordinators trying to rally guests from one location to the next, couples tend to put the axe on photo time. What else is there to do? We get it, at the time it sounds like an okay idea but after the wedding when you realize how rushed you were during the 30 minutes you had available for the photographer, you are going to have wedding regret! The truth is, you shouldn’t even have to choose because there is a way to avoid this schedule debacle: Setting aside time at the beginning of the day to do your wedding portraits and having a first look is just a fun way to kick off the wedding photos.

Kudos to Jenny & Jeff for nailing down this wedding thing. You guys should get married all the time 🙂 Congratulations to you both!


Erika & Ryan

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The First Look

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Wedding Photography on Kempenfelt Bay in Barrie, Canada.

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Barrie, Ontario wedding photography

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The newlyweds walk thru the old stone arch at MacLaren Art Centre during their wedding recessional.

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Gorgeous MacLaren Art Centre Wedding Photos.

Barrie, Ontario art gallery wedding

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