Matt & Brie Engagement Shoot

by Ryan Rowell

We had the pleasure of photographing Matt and Brie, we have known Matt for a few years now because he work with us on Barrie’s Next Top Model as the hair stylist, and he just happens to be the best stylist in Canada right now, and he just happens to cut my hair too.

Matt and Brie are very complimentary in photos to one another, Matt has a real edgy look and Brie has a very soft look. So we took them to our favorite back alley ways in downtown Barrie.

Halfway through shooting I took a single shot and noticed that my camera was still taking photos without me touching it. I checked to see if any buttons were stuck, but all looked fine, except for the shutter going off every 2 seconds. Even with the camera off it continued to take photos and not copy them to the card. We finished up the shoot with just one camera and then headed to Henrys Camera store .

Here are the amazing shots that came out of that disaster of a shoot.