About the Team at Rowell Photography

Written by Ryan Rowell

Portrait of Ryan Rowell the company owner

Ryan Rowell

Owner, Creative Director & Photographer at Rowell Photography

When my past partner (Erika) and I started Rowell Photography in the spring of 2004, it was just an idea that came up over a cheap chicken wing dinner one night, outside our local Zehrs supermarket. We had been working together for 6 months as photographers at the Zehrs Portraits Studio, photographing about 20 babies and families a day.

Over and over again the same topic kept on coming up; Wouldn’t it be great if we could pick and choose what we photographed? or who we photographed? We could go anywhere in the world. We could even work for National Geographic! (Well after a little more thought and much research we learned that hiding out in a jungle tree for weeks on end, catching malaria multiple time and facing death everyday was not exactly what we wanted.)

All I knew at that point was that I loved photography, people and travel. I also had a deep emotional connection with the concept that photographers tell and keep stories of life. That what photographers do, not only means something to their subjects and their clients, but also to the whole of humanity. Photographs really do change the world (be it the whole world or the worlds of individuals) and it was a world I wanted to be apart of, in a big way.

The photographs I create are a combination of real moments, fun relaxed couples and families, placed in front of stunning backdrops. I decided instead of creating a definable image or look with the content of my images, for example: Families formally posed around the fire place or bride on her wedding day with her dress fanned out and her bouquet lying on it (trust me this is a popular shot in my industry, or at least it was 6 years ago). I decided to make each couple and families photographic experience a unique one. I started asking them questions like, how did you meet? and what do you do as a family on the weekends? I wanted to get inside their heads so I could create images that reflected their lives. The best photos, for me, are the ones that tell who the people are without necessarily spelling it out. This method not only helped me connect with more people who loved my work, but it helped me connect with people who were just like myself. People who really believe in the power of photographs.

Photograph of Luca


Photographer at Rowell Photography

Luca is our new associate photographer at Rowell Photography. Although he is new to our growing team he is not at all new to the photography industry. Luca fell in love with photography over 15 years ago and has since photographed numerous weddings and portraits. Luca has a big passion for printing and preserving images which led him to creating his own print companies. PicFoundry for photographers and WallJoy which is an amazing printing company serving the public and located in Barrie, Ontario.

When we set out to expand our team we looked for photographers who had a real love for photography, and portraiture. We really wanted to work with amazing people who valued family, life, and equality for all. We wanted to work with people who were inspired by the masters of photography and worked with an unrelenting drive to create beautiful works of art of anyone and everyone who wanted it. Luca was just that, and lucky for us he was already one of our best friends. We cannot describe the passion Luca has for photography, it best experienced in person when you meet him and he talks for 30 minutes straight about how dedicated he is to creating images that represent the closeness and intimate relationship of a couple or a family. When you meet him he will tell you about how he is not the type of photographer to fabricate emotions just for the sake of photographs. He is there to capture your day, exactly the way it was, with the people who mean the most to you. This is exactly why we chose Luca to join our growing team.

We could talk forever about all of his accolades, awards with the Professional Photographers of Canada, the time he photographed the cover of International Figure Skating Magazine and all about that Nissan car ad he shot, and the numerous charity events he partakes in. But as awesome as those accomplishments are; they don’t hold a candle to the amount of respect Luca has garnered in the local photography and printing industries. Luca is a great photographer, but even more so he is a great person.