Metropolitan Hotel Toronto Wedding of Amelia & Andrew

by Ryan Rowell

Couples often ask us for advice creating their wedding day schedule, mostly because they are looking for that perfect balance of having enough time to get amazing portraits, and being present during the party long enough for us photographers to capture the real candid in between moments. Each wedding we shoot is so different, it would be impossible for us to give one piece of advice that would suit every wedding schedule. But in the last 8 years of us shooting weddings together, Amelia & Andrew’s wedding schedule for photos has taught us a few things about weddings we had never thought about before. Their simple schedule lead to an extremely relaxed wedding day, with tons of photos opportunities that did not interrupt the flow of the day.

Andrew & Amelia were married at Markland Wood Golf Club in Etobicoke, Ontario and their Tea Ceremony and reception were held at The Metropolitan Hotel in downtown Toronto. Now anyone who has driven in Toronto before knowns that there is a chance that a drive from Etobicoke to Toronto on any given day can take 15-30 mins. Amelia & Andrew with their impeccable scheduling planned for this. It also poured rain on their wedding day, we also planned for this at our 1 month walk through. Amelia had 3 outfit changes during the entire day, and a 10 course dinner, and a Traditional Chinese tea ceremony that would be attended by not only parents and grandparents but some extended family members as well. Their schedule was a great blend of photo time and the events of the day, it looked something like this.

Ceremony (30 mins)

Family Photos while brunch was served to guests (We even had time for it to pour rain, have friends and extended family jump in for a bunch of group shots, and the bride and groom as well as myself & Ryan even had time to eat brunch) 40-60 mins (non-consecutive)

While guests continued to eat and mingle the bridal party did 30-40 mins of wedding photos at Markland Wood Golf Club.

We didn’t hit any traffic and it only took us 15 mins to get to the hotel for the Tea Ceremony.

Amelia was ready in her 2nd dress and ready to go well before her family arrived for the Tea Ceremony so the 4 of us did a mini photos shoot of them in the hotel, and even went outside for 15 mins to get a few more photos.

Tea Ceremony (30 mins) Including group photos of family afterwards.

Amelia changed back into her wedding ceremony dress and while their guests were gathering for the reception in the ballroom of the hotel, we did another mini photo shoot in the hotel room (15 mins) plus we had time to eat hors d’oeuvres before we all went down to the reception.

If you notice there was never a time where we were taking photos for more than 40 mins, this made the day stress free for family and guests, but even more so it gave Amelia & Andrew more time to enjoy each part of the day as well as get a larger variety of photos. So our BIG ADVICE when planning your wedding is to just have Amelia & Andrew make your schedule. 🙂

Haha! Actually the advice is to break up the photo times throughout the day. Little photo sessions for 15 mins-30 mins really works, and we would love to see more couples do it.

Now without further adieu, Amelia & Andrew! Congratulations and thank you so much for having us as your photographers! We are so stoked to see your album when its all done!


Erika & Ryan