Natalie & Phil – Delta Rocky Crest Resort – Muskoka, ON

by Ryan Rowell

Every wedding we shoot has its own little traditions. Sometimes they are quiet moments spent with family before the ceremony and sometimes they are fun group experiences for the guests. Since Ryan and I are planning our wedding now we are really interested in what couples do to make their ceremony unique to their culture or religion. Natalie & Phil’s Muskoka wedding took place at the Delta Rocky Crest Resort, and for their wedding custom they had their guests throw rocks in the water. Each rock was a wish from a guest to the couple on their wedding day. Just before Phil and Natalie were pronouced husband and wife their guests were all asked to take a rock and toss it into the Muskoka lake. It was exciting to watch, and it got everyone up and socializing. The guests were laughing and having a great time. It was something we have never seen at a wedding and we loved it that they got their guests involved in the ceremony. It made it that much more memorable.

What are some of the unique traditions you have experience or seen at weddings you’ve been to?  Its fascinating how each couple puts a different spin on it. Leave us a comment below, and give us some ideas for our wedding.

We want to send a special shout out to Sarah Guy who helped us shoot this amazingly beautiful wedding, and to Rachel Clingen for once again creating an amazing backdrop for us to shoot.

Congratulations Natalie & Phil!


Erika & Ryan