Niagara Falls
Pre-Wedding Photos

Nabil & Myra

by Ryan Rowell

Just before sunset, on a hot evening, Nabil & Myra joined us in the grittier part of town for their Niagara Falls pre-wedding photos. They flew in from Vancouver, B.C. put on their wedding outfits, and met us on what seemed like a deserted old movie set. We certainly didn’t expect nearly every building to be abandoned, but it made for some unique settings, some sweet moments, and an all around awesome night. Nabil & Myra wanted photos that showed a contrast between their formal wedding suit and sari and the landscape. They couldn’t have picked better outfits for these photos.

For the second half of the evening, they wanted their photography to feel and look like a date night, just two kids having fun, kickin’ it old school at an arcade, blowing all their pennies on games, and winning little tiny prizes with their large amount of tickets. Niagara Falls is loud, and colorful, and crazy fun, its like being at an amusement park, but its an actual city. Its no wonder couples like coming here for their Niagara Falls pre-wedding photos, you can really go from one little adventure to the next with just a short jaunt down Lundy’s Lane. Yes it is a little cheesy, and no we don’t care. When it comes to pre-wedding photos, our goal is to blend elegant and silly, contrast the beautiful with the gritty, and find the romantic moments and mix them up with the laugh so hard your gut hurts moments. Celebrating love and happiness is never going to go out of style, so its okay to be funny, and silly, and head over heels in love with one another for your photographs. We are all so busy, and I don’t think we take enough time to enjoy the simple things that can bring smiles to our faces, and light one another up. But we really should. We hope that if you are looking for a little adventure, a reason to smile, and an excuse to show your love, that you will choose to hire a photographer to capture it. Then we hope you connect with us because we are a lot of fun, we tell awesome stories, and we encourage love in all its forms.

Congratulations to Nabil & Myra! They are now officially newlyweds!!! A big thank you for choosing us to photograph your Niagara Falls pre-wedding photos.


Erika & Ryan

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