Paris Vow Renewal

Cris & Sandra

by Ryan Rowell

Everyday in our marriage we get to choose how we want to write each page, and chapter. We could let certain moments define just a single line in the story of our lives together, or the entire book. Some days I’m the writer of our stories, other days its Ryan. We are always writing for one another, so that when we look back on every experience, photograph and moment, it’s something we can truly be proud of.

I think what fascinates me most about marriage is that every couple does it differently, yet the goal is still the same; to create a life for your partner that they can be proud of. Those nuances and specialities of relationships motivate us as photographers. Our goal has never been to, just visit the world’s most romantic places and photograph couples in love, kissing on gorgeous bridges that look out to the Eiffel Tower, then brag about them on our blog.

Our goal as photographers is to create tiny reminders for the people we photograph that celebrate the relationships they have cultivated over time. We want our photographs to show that after everything life has thrown at them, that they made the right choice to fight for the things that mattered most in their lives. So while you the viewer look at our blog today and see ONLY stunning images of a couple kissing at the Eiffel Tower, or dancing in front of the Musee du Louvre, or holding hands in the Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens), know this:

This is Cris & Sandra, two photographers from Barrie, ON. Married for 15 years, parents to two incredible children who choose everyday to write better stories for one another. Cris is a husband who spent months planning a surprise anniversary trip to Europe and a Paris vow renewal for Sandra. Not only so he could tell her again how much their relationship continues to mean to him. To teach his children that grand gestures of love, when they are honest and true, are essential to a lasting relationship.

When they arrived in Paris on the second leg of their epic surprise anniversary trip, we had planned to meet a long the Seine River to reveal to Sandra; that on their wedding anniversary they would be renewing their vows in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Needless to say, Sandra cried happy tears when we all told her; then again 5 mins later when we all had to tell her again, because she just couldn’t believe it.

The Paris vow renewal was set for noon at the Pont de Bir Hakeim, a bridge that is a true piece of art that bolsters amazing views of the Eiffel Tower. That morning we handmade a bouquet and boutineer from flowers Cris had bought that morning for Sandra. We hopped the metro to meet their minister, set up an iPhone on a tripod. Skyped Cris’ mother and their kids in from Barrie, ON at 4am and watched the emotion of 15 happy years of marriage unfold before us.

Sandra & Cris, to say it was an honour to photograph you in Paris would be and understatement. We hope that when you look at these photos that you see more than charming streets, romantic cafes, and famous tourist attractions. We hope you see two people who, day by day are writing an epic love story.

Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary.

Your friends,
Erika & Ryan


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