Parry Sound Wedding at Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts

Laura & Cameron

by Ryan Rowell on May 3, 2017

The Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts is a fantastic wedding venue in Parry Sound, one I would never have imagined before having done a wedding there. The interior creates magic from the light and the surroundings of the building are perfect to relax among nature and water. 

When Laura and Cameron came to us their plans, it was becoming a fantasy in my mind how wonderful everything would be. Thinking about the layout of the hall where the reception will take place, where the portraits will be done, how long everything takes to walk or drive between. I like to imagine all the places along the way that I can do couples portraits and the ways I can use the scenery.

When you fill the room, the hotel, the venue, with characters, all things become interesting and unexpected. None of the planning and ideas can prepare you for when the bride decides to blindfold the groom to tie his tie for him or when the groom exits the building through the window to not be seen. These things are not planned but make the event and day just as much as the characters who are part of it.

Once the ceremony concluded everyone assembled on the lawn of the church for a large group photo, before walking down the road to the Stockey Centre for the reception. The new bride and groom came down the road towards me, followed by the bridal party and then the rain started. I watched them pick up pace, hand in hand and smiles on their faces. 

The reception shortly followed with 200 guests surrounding the couple as they entered the hall. I watched them from the balcony seats, as they zig zagged their way through the cheering crowd. These reception shots are some of my favourite photos taken as they candidly show a new overhead perspective that I am not often privy to at other venues. I loved watching Cameron & Laura’s expressions during the speeches and because I wasn’t too close by with camera in hand, the expressions on them and their guests were completely genuine. 

Thank you Cameron & Laura for having us to document your wedding day, it was our pleasure to be there.

-Ryan Rowell