Prague, Czech Republic Wedding Hluboka Castle

by Ryan Rowell

Ryan and Tara were married in Prague, Czech Republic at the beautiful Hluboka Castle in South Bohemia. Their gorgeous Prague wedding at Hluboka Castle in the snow was attended by just a few close friends and family. Tara and Ryan hired a wedding planning company called White Agency in Prague to coordinate their wedding. Natalie Dlouha did a spectacular job!! We have had the chance to get to know her even better by email over the past few weeks. Check out her blog here. If you are planning to get married in Czech Republic (which we highly recommend) you must call Natalie. She is a pleasure to work with, speaks a bunch of languages, her English is fantastic!

What to say about Tara and Ryan, I have been thinking about this all week, mainly because I want to say something really good because I know they will read it. But I have been having issues thinking of what to say. Usually I can think up an awesome blog post in minutes about people I have only known for a day. But Tara and Ryan we have known for 3 years now. Its not too often that we will even book a wedding that far in advance. I think the more you know someone the harder it is to describe them. Let’s just say that I have pretty much spoken to Tara almost everyday for the last 6 months! and before that it was at least once a week. No one reads our blog more, or comments more than Tara. If you type Tara and Ryan into an email search on our computer it will probably blow up from over load. That’s how many emails we send back and forth.

Sometimes you just click with people, sometimes certain people just understand your humor, they appreciate your work ethic and they value your time. That’s Tara and Ryan, they are awesome clients. So after 3 years of being email and facebook friends their amazing Prague wedding adventure began and we finally had the opportunity to hang out with them and really get to know them. Ryan (my Ryan) and I were off to London, England. That was the first stop on the trip, we planned to capture Ryan and Tara hanging out with their friends, sight seeing and then their engagement session. Then we would head to Czech Republic for a few days for their Prague wedding, and then to Paris for a week for their Honeymoon photo shoot.

So here are a bunch of images from Tara and Ryan’s Prague wedding at Hluboka Castle.

We hope you love them as much as we do. There are more to come from Paris!!!

Erika & Ryan

The magical fireworks finale on the back patio of the Four Season’s Prague.