Quebec City in winter

Written by Erika & Ryan on January 1, 2012

Just before Christmas Ryan and I decided to take a few days vacation for ourselves and travel to one of our favourite destinations; Quebec City. Quebec City is beautiful at any time of year but it was exceptionally stunning in the snow and with all the holiday lights. For a few days we just walked around the city visiting shops, eating the best croissants and onion soup in Canada and taking some much needed new couples portraits of us. If you know anything about Ryan and I, you know that we love to stay at the Canadian Fairmont brand hotels. We love them because they are steeped in history, and have a style of architecture that we believe to be very Canadiana (i.e: the copper roof to name one feature.)

This time we stayed at the fabulous Chateau Frontenac in Vieux Quebec. This is probably my favourite hotel of them all. What I find truly fascinating about it is some of the people who have stayed there, like Kings and Queens (Grace Kelly), even Alfred Hitchcock filmed the movie I, Confess there. We walked around the hotel picking out scenes from the movie and trying to figure out where Hitchcock would have sat while directing them. This is the 6th Canadian Fairmont we have stayed at thus far, so we are well on our way to our two year goal of staying at all 21 destinations over the next 2 years. It was a short trip. Actually it was too short so we are planning another trip to Quebec City for new years!

So excited to watch the fireworks over this beautiful city.

Happy New Year everyone!

Erika & Ryan

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We hiked to the top of the fort for a amazing view of the Frontenac.

best quebec city chateau frontenac photography Quebec City in winter

best quebec city wedding photography Quebec City in winter

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destination engagement photos quebec city Quebec City in winter

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Quebec City is the best for night time photos. Every building is so creatively lit. Makes for some romantic cityscape photos.

quebec city at night Quebec City in winter

I love this photo.

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This is a time-lapse of a few vantage points around the hotel. Its short but pretty. If you would like to have us photograph you in Quebec City or Montreal in 2012 send us an email to [email protected] to book your destination photo shoot or so we can put you on our list and send you the dates and times of when we will be in each city next.

We look forward to photographing you!

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