Rockstar Wedding Vendors- Sweet Peony Press

by Ryan Rowell

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of photographing Shelley Weir along with some of Toronto’s most ought after wedding invitation designers for an issue of WedLuxe magazine. Shelley was the only letter press company at the photo shoot, and we fell in love with her work instantly. Letter press is so classic, and beautiful. What we love about letter press is that no two pieces made are ever the same, its impossible. The designs Shelley creates come from so many different inspirations, from an old fashioned watering can to an Italian cookie. We were lucky enough to have Shelley create our long over due business cards. (See pics of our awesome cards below) We wanted something that was more than just text printed on card stock. We wanted anyone who holds our cards in their hands to experience more than just want it says on the card. So we chose a thick cotton paper, and a deep grey ink press for our logo, and then a blind emboss pressed as the background using a design element from our logo. Our cards are so simple at first glance, but we feel they are really well thought out and original.

We spent the day with Shelley photographing some of her newest designs and watching her work with the press. It fun to see where other artists get their inspirations from, and the entire process of how letter press works.

If you love the classic art of letter press, paper and stationary with the most amazing textures, and 100% custom designs, please contact Shelley. She is an artist working an old technique that very few still offer. We highly recommend her, she is the sweetest person we have ever worked with. 🙂

Shelley Weir: Sweet Peony Press

Cheers & Thank you to Shelley for creating the most amazing business cards ever!!!

Erika & Ryan

Sweet peony press letter press upclose

Shelley weir Sweet peony press

Sweet peony press paint cans

Sweet peony press

Sweet Peony Press Letter press

Sweet peony press pink and blue macaroons invite

Sweet Peony Press Cookie shape invite

Sweet peony press rose and invite

Upclose sweet peony press invitations

Rowell Photography Business Card