Scotland Couples Portraits

Tara & Ryan

by Ryan Rowell on November 15, 2013

Scotland couples portraits. The opportunity to photograph castles, glass lakes, mountains, waterfalls, some of the western worlds oldest cities, and plaid everything; You had me at Scotland! With Ryan’s love of  outdoors and my passion for history, we knew we would get there one day. Like most Canadian’s, Scotland is the home of our ancestors. The Rowell Family are descendants from the Smiths’ and they are the MacPherson Clan from the Stirling area. My maternal ancestors are MacDonald’s from the Isle of Skye. It meant a lot to us to be here in Scotland. But the honour was truly ours when our past clients Tara & Ryan asked us to travel with them for a week through the highlands of Scotland taking photos of them exploring the gorgeous landscapes that make up this tiny, yet overwhelming country. If you have been to our website at all in the last few years you will recognize these two lovers from their epic castle wedding in Prague, their Paris honeymoon photo shoot, and London, England pre-wedding engagement session and most recently featured in the Halloween post on our blog of Tara & Ryan in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Traveling as a group can be a challenge for some, but we have never felt that with Tara & Ryan. They are fantastic travel partners! The real secrets to adventurous travel are the same as the rules for improv comedy.

1. Agree.

2. Say Yes!

3. There are NO Mistakes, only Opportunities.

Every trip we have ever been on has one of those moments. Usually it happens when everyone is tired, and wavering about whether or not we should continue walking, driving, or if we should cram in just one more stop. Tara and I had been corresponding for months over the trip, where we should go for photos, and right down to where we will eat each meal. For us, trip planning is fun! So via Pinterest we found some great locations around the Isle of Skye for some unique Scotland couples portraits. The place was called the Fairy Pools. When we arrived, there was a giant mountain, parking lot, a huge valley and a sign that said Fairy Pools. No water in sight. In the online photos, the pools looked like little blue glittering springs, like something out of a Disney movie. In the far, far distance we saw some tiny people walking through the valley. From our elevation and distance away, we couldn’t even see a path. But we figured that we drove all this way and if we at least started walking towards the mountain we might find water nearby, and if not we would make the best of a beautiful place. As we walked for 25 mins into this valley, deeper and deeper, we could finally start to see a creek, and hidden from our view at the parking lot was a waterfall. As we continued to walk down a muddy path the creek started to get bigger and the water started to become more and more noticeable. Little pools of water set in between rocks, gushing water and little waterfalls would appear at every turn. Completely hidden within the valley, the fairy pools continued to pop up. On a sunny day I am sure they would have reflected a more magical colour, but it was such a treat to see even on an overcast day. We walked for about 45 mins, not seeing much beyond the first waterfall. My Ryan wanted to keep going, and the more chances we took, the better the pools got. Large enough to swim in at this point, we stopped to take some portraits. Our car, barely visible from the distance. The mountains surrounding us, and in the stark silence, the only sounds were of the trickling water from tiny waterfalls and our voices that couldn’t stop staying “Wow!”. It is one of the most unique spots we have ever seen, and one of life’s little choices that brought about big opportunities.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  – Mark Twain

Thank you Tara & Ryan for being amazing travel partners, again! We cannot wait to see the little adventures life will bring the two of you.


Erika & Ryan

isel of skye scotland couples photos

isle of skye couples photos scotland

cute scotland couples photography
We saw this lake from the car, on our way to the Isle of Skye, Scotland. We had to stop, because we had never seen such a still lake. It was like glass.

Scotland travel photos

Scotland Panoramic photo
This is not an illusion. This is a panoramic photo of what we call the glass lake. It messed with your mind a little bit to look at it.

romantic scotland couples photography

mirror lake near inverness scotland couples photos

Eilean Donan Castle, Isle of Skye Scotland
Eilean Donan Castle, Isle of Skye Scotland.

portraits of a couples at eilean donan castle in scotland

Romantic couples photo at Scottish castle
The tide was out so we walked through the seaweed to take a couples portrait at Eilean Donan Castle.

Eilean donan castle, Scotland-2

pre-wedding engagement at eilean donan castle scotland

Romantic couples portrats eilean donan castle scotland
I am sure most of your recognize this castle in the background from movies. It was used as a plate shot for several James Bond Movies as the Scottish MI6 headquarters.
Glencoe Scotland couples photos
Skyfall! Yes this is the location in the James Bond movie where James and M stop in the Scottish Highlands.
couples photos at Glencoe highlands scotland
Three Sisters – Glencoe Highlands, Scotland.

skyfall location in scotland

three sisters glencoe scotland
The Highlands of Glencoe are part of the National Trust. Its a National Park, and as part of that initiative to maintain it, people like you and me can purchase property there.
In return for your patronage, you get a Lord/Ladyship. For the past 3 years, we are officially: Lord & Lady Rowell of Glencoe.

skyfall scotland couples portraits

Rock mound in scotland

Scotland destination photographer

scottish highlands couples photography

creative scotland pre-wedding engagement photos

Glengarry Castle Hotel Scotland
Glengarry Castle Hotel Scotland. Once upon a time, this property and the ruins of an ancient castle were owned by the Hudson’s Bay Company.
All the wood that built the house was brought in from Canada.

walkway to the lake at glengarry castle scotland

Couples photos inverness scotland

scotland photos

Scottish countryside couples photographs

Glengarry castle scotland portrait photographers

scottish thistle

early morning couples photography glengarry castle scotland

glengarry castle scotland couples photography

Couples photos in the library at Glengarry castle scotland

fairy pooos scotland isle of skye
Fairy pools in the Isle of Skye, Scotland

scotland destination couples photo shoot

Portraits at Scottish Fairy Ponds

romantic photos at fairy ponds Scotland
Romantic couples photos at the Fairy Pools, Scotland.
Romantic Scottish couples photography
My favorite photo from the entire trip! You can see tiny little white dots underneath the hill in the distance. That is the parking lot.

fairy ponds isle of skye scotland destination couples photography

Romantic Scotland pre-wedding engagement session

couples photography glengarry castle inverness scotland

isle of Skye Scotland

Stay tuned for one more Scotland post featuring my Ryan shooting and hiking around the Scottish Highlands in a kilt!