Sefton Family – Families in the Park

by Ryan Rowell on May 18, 2012

Hey Photographers!

Luca at PicFoundry is giving 50% off large canvas to photographers who have their portraits taken by other professional photographers. Check out the promo here. Just like the cobblers children have no shoes, the photographers children have no printed photographs. So treat your family to amazing visual memories you can hang on your wall, at the highest quality. For everyone else who isn’t a professional but had their family photos taken with us, don’t worry, Rowell Photography uses only the best, and we offer a huge new array of photographic paper choices (metallic, hahnemule, and some awesome heavy weight gloss and lustre papers)  and canvas all prepared by PicFoundry. We are always looking for new papers, and products to help showcase your unique tastes and families. We cannot wait to help you create art for your homes.

Speaking of professional photographers, this is Liisa and her gorgeous family below. Liisa is a photographer int he south end of Barrie specializing in portraits. When she is not taking photos of the most adorable children in Barrie she is directing CTV News Barrie!

Happy Mother’s Day Liisa!

Erika & Ryan