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Cheryl & Max

by Ryan Rowell on April 26, 2016

This January we travelled on a 15 hour flight to Singapore to photograph portraits of Cheryl, her family, her work life, and her dog Max. We met Cheryl years ago when she was the maid of honour for her friend’s Canada destination wedding in Niagara Falls. She reconnected with us last year and asked if we would photograph her and her dog Max at their home, and in their city of Singapore. How could we say no? It was our first ever trip to Asia, and Singapore is such a beautiful place. Actually one of the main reasons why we decided to cease this opportunity was because a few years ago, when we lost Ryan’s grandfather, Ian, who had been an avid traveller in his younger days, told us that the most beautiful place he had ever seen was Singapore, and if we ever get the chance to go we must. So to us it was a dream trip with a lot of meaning.

For her portraits session, Cheryl wanted simple “Day in the Life” style portraits with her and little Max visiting their favourite places. We started at her childhood home, just above her mothers health food store, where we photographed family portraits, and then ate delicious duck rice at the hawker centre in her neighborhood. We hopped in a cab to Cheryl’s gelato shop Gelatissimo (she operates two of them in Singapore, and we would go as far as saying that they make the best mango gelato in the world). Her flagship store is located on the Bay, next to the famous Singapore Flyer. Its a stunning location, with gorgeous views of Gardens By the Bay. We photographed not only Cheryl and Max at the shop but also Cheryl with her staff. Later that day we took a little trip with Max to Sentosa Island; a favorite among locals and travellers, thought to be located at the Southern most point of Asia. Even though its all man made, it is gorgeous, so lush and perfect for photos. We broke only for the 20 minutes of monsoon rain that happens every day, and then continued shooting until the sun started to set.

Being welcomed so graciously into Cheryl’s home, and meeting her family was an experience we will never forget. It always surprises us how we find people who can come from the other side of the world, and with a totally different upbringing, and live in a country so different than ours, and yet still connect on so many levels. At the end of the day, somethings are universal; the drive and ambition we have in our careers, the passion we share for our art, and the love we have for our friends, families and pets.

Thank you Cheryl & Max, for being a fantastic hosts, the perfect models, and genuine friends.
Erika & Ryan


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