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A colorful photo essay

by Ryan Rowell

Our trip to Singapore was one of wonder and new experiences for us. The only place I’ve ever been to where you can easily visit a Buddhist Temple, Islamic Mosque, Catholic Church, and Hindu Temple all in one afternoons walk. Eat Indian masala and egg parotta for breakfast, then Haianese chicken rice for lunch, and then eat a giant feast, family style of Peranakan food for dinner. It is a land of extremes that is for sure. Extreme heat, and extreme humidity being located on the equator. We spent 10 days in Singapore; wandering the colorful neighborhoods, and ducking in and out of air conditioned shops, and eating gelato just to stay cool. We are fascinated by this tiny city/country. Every corner was a completely different experience from the last.

Walking in one neighborhood where the signs are all in English and then turning a corner to see an elaborately decorated Chinese new year celebration among ancient shophouses. Then turning down another path towards the most modern architecture in the world. We didn’t realize how one dimensional our small town Canadian lives could seem until we visited Singapore. It was so exciting to see how all these religion’s, societies, cultures, varieties of architecture and levels of income all work together. It was so inspiring to experience so much diversity in such a tiny space.

We feel so fortunate to have had so many clients come from Singapore to Canada for photoshoots with us over the years, but we are even more honoured that we now call all 6 of them friends. We measure our travel by how many friends we meet and people we connect with, rather than by how many photos we take. We realize that sometimes photos are all we have to look back on. So even though there are a ton of photos below, they would not have been possible without the guidance and love of our amazing friends. So to Cheryl, Kelly, Wayne, Mui, Andrea & Carl; we hope you enjoy this colorful photo essay through your beautiful country, Singapore.

Little India (Tekka) Singapore.
Singapore Travel & Tourism Photos


Little India details singpore




Chinatown shophouses, Singapore.
Rowell Road Singapore
The photo on the left is important because it actually says “Rowell Road”. Yup! our last name was everywhere in our neighborhood. Apparently it is named for a British doctor who helped develop the area, so they named a street after him, and apartment complexes, and doctors offices and surgery centres. Rowell Road, Little India (Tekka), Singapore.


chijmes singapore
Chijmes Singapore is a Catholic Church that hosts weddings and special events. Converted from a convent after WW2, it survived a huge blast that destroyed much of its exterior. Now it is home to upscale shopping and cafes. We would love to photograph a wedding here one day.


The Historic Raffles Hotel Singapore. My absolute favorite place for high tea in the world.


raffles singapore photo shoot

Raffles Hotel Singapore. I just loved every inch of this hotel property. Its British Colonial Revival architecture at its best (In my opinion). Its exotic and opulent, bright white interior with dark wooden finishes. It was perfect for our Singapore portraits.





Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown, Singapore.


Singapore Travel & Tourism Photos

buddah tooth relic temple singapore-1

Sultan Mosque on Arab Street, Singapore. It was like a memory from my childhood. If it didn’t look exactly like a scene from the Disney movie Aladdin, I would have never thought about it. But there I was standing and humming the words to “A Whole New World” as I walked towards this stunning piece of architecture. Childhood dreams fulfilled.
Singapore Travel & Tourism Photos


Masjid Abdul Gaffoor, Singapore. We saw a bunch of kids playing and having lunch outside this gorgeous mosque and had to visit it for ourselves. They had optional guides who could teach you about their religion or the mosques architecture. The children were so adorable, always trying to get me to take their photos.

mosque singapore


peranakan tile
Peranakan Tiles and patterns from around the city of Singapore.



Inside the Marina Bay Sands Singapore.
Marina Bay Sands Singapore. From the 57th floor looking over Gardens By The Bay.
The famous infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore.
Gardens By The Bay Singapore.
Singapore Travel & Tourism Photos




Night time cityscapes of Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore.
Singapore Travel & Tourism Photos at night.
Singapore Travel & Tourism Photos at night.




Singapore travel photography gardens by the bay
Garden’s By The Bay’s light and sound show is superb. Set to soothing Disney like soundtracks, the ambiance makes you feel like you are in a childs dream. Its hard to understand the scale of this place, and how it all works with nature. When we think back on this experience and review these photos we can’t help but get this giddy feeling of pure happiness.
Singapore Travel & Tourism Photos at night.




I wanted an unforgettable experience in Singapore. I wanted to walk away feeling fulfilled, and renewed. I wanted to learn new lessons and new customs, and be reminded of the things that matter most in our lives. Singapore taught me again that everyone is equal across a dinner table, and that is the best place to share experiences. That community makes you feel whole, not less special or unique. That trying new things can open so many doors to friendship and trust. Relinquishing control and allowing people to do things for you, is an act of gratitude and not incompetence.

Singapore in the end made me lighter, more carefree, and mouldable. Asia is still a mystical land, and we have only seen a tiny fraction of it, the veil has not yet been lifted for us, and thats a good thing. I wanted this trip to Asia to change me, I wanted kismet moments, moments of wanderlust, moments to marvel and moments to soak it all in. I was open to everything, I lived in every moment and I just hope it all continues to mean something to us in the memories that we keep long after magic wears off.

We hope you one day you find your self walking through Singapore at night, and allow the child within you to experience all that this wonderful country has to offer.




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