Steampunk Couples Photos- Edinburgh, Scotland

Tara & Ryan

by Ryan Rowell

Happy Halloween! We are so excited to share with you the Edinburgh, Scotland couples photo shoot we did last month of Tara & Ryan. You might remember this adventurous couple as we photographed them a few years back for their Prague, Czech Republic wedding at Hluboka Castle and Paris and Versailles Honeymoon shoot. Tara & Ryan wanted to do something fun, and adventurous and Scotland seemed like the perfect backdrop for this creative couple. This will be the first of a few posts, but because it is halloween today I though this set of images would be a perfect fit.

Welcome to Edinburgh, Scotland! Within 10 minutes of entering the old town it became one of our most favourite cities. Everywhere we went I kept on saying to my Ryan that I felt like this place was the set of a movie. The streets wind around corners, and the closes lead you into hidden neighbourhoods, you can walk for less that 5 mins in any directions and find a pub, or a kilt store, or a person wearing a kilt. Edinburgh is such a party city, people were awake and drinking on patios until 3-4am, so doing a late night photo shoot was not an option. So we woke up at 5am, and we all dressed up (Oh yes we did!) Tara & Ryan in their Steam Punk outfits, myself in a dress and a giant fascinator, and my Ryan in his kilt. The faces on the front desk staff at our hotel were priceless. We started out walking down the Royal Mile, and the streets were virtually deserted. We had the city of Edinburgh to ourselves! For these photos we really wanted it to look a little eerie, and as though they were from another time period, and like Ryan & Tara were the characters in a movie. We walked along the Medieval Grassmarket and towards the Greyfriars Kirkyard. We spent time wandering around, and reading headstones. This is the graveyard where J.K Rowling got name ideas for some of the Harry Potter characters. Also this is the spot where the Greyfriars dog Bobby is buried and the site of the Flodden Wall. Not long into our mini self guided tour of Edinburgh the sun started to rise and over the rooftops of the ancient city we watched as night turned into morning. It really was like something out of a movie. Almost inspires us to wake up and shoot that early every day…almost.

We hope you enjoy these photos from Tara & Ryan’s Edinburgh, Scotland couples photo shoot. We have so many more to come!

Happy Halloween, stay safe,

Erika & Ryan

edinburgh steampunk pre-wedding engagement session
Early morning couples photos on Merchant Street in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Edinburgh at night

couples photos at night in edinburgh

The Grassmarket Edinburgh, scotland
Early morning couples portraits at the medieval Grassmarket in Edinburgh, Scotland.

greyfriars bobby pub edinburgh scotland

Heart on pavement edinburgh

Late night The grassmarket scotland
Late night view of Edinburgh Castle from the medieval Grassmarket.

scotland taxi cab in couples photos

Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street
Gorgeous view of Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street – Edinburgh, Scotland.

Edinburgh street photography scotland

scotland couples photo shoot edinburgh

greyfriars edinbugh pre-wedding engagement

greyfriars kirkyard edinburgh scotland

early morning couples photos scotland

edinburgh scotland photo session graveyard

greyfriars edinburgh photos


graves at greyfriars kirkyard

fun steam punk couples photos edinburgh scotland

steampunk couples photos edinburgh graveyard

flodden wall greyfriars kirk scotland
The Flodden Wall at Greyfriars Kirkyard, Scotland.

Tara & Ryan’s outfits created by Tiffany at Tiffany’s Notions and Knits.