Tighe Family – Families in the Park

by Ryan Rowell

Happy Saturday!

I am so excited because today my mom and sister arrive to spend the week with us leading up to our wedding. They are driving 15 hours to be here from Moncton, New Brunswick to Barrie, ON. I don’t get to see my mom and sister too often, but now we have the whole week to hang out. I am looking forward to manicures, karaoke nights, camp fires, shopping and of course taking some new updated photos of us to celebrate Mother’s Day which we missed last week.

Speaking of Mother’s here is Amber and her gorgeous family last week at Sunnidale Park for their family photo shoot. I love these photos, everyone is so coordinated, yet unique. How cute are these kids? oh melt my heart. We hope you all enjoy these photos, Sunnidale park is in full bloom so if you have time this long weekend spend some time strolling through the park.

Happy Mother’s Day Amber!


Erika & Ryan

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