Toronto Wedding
Casa Loma

Andrew & Calley

by Ryan Rowell

Words really resonate with me. It doesn’t matter to me if you feel the need to express yourself in all caps, or with a hundred exclamation marks. If the words are genuine, the message will be clear. So I am going to use a few of my own here. We didn’t know Calley & Andrew before their Casa Loma wedding in Toronto. We chatted by phone and met at Casa Loma in Toronto on the wedding day. They live in Nashville, TN so a meet and greet was not possible.

By chance we photographed their cousins wedding in Muskoka a few years previous and thats not even how they found out about us. Calley found us on Pinterest. To say that the bride and I got along well would be an understatement, it was like seeing an old friend when we met. But judging by her interactions with her friends and family, this is just how this girl is. Welcoming, happy, real. Andrew is wonderful, genuine and someone who makes time for the things that matter most; friends and family.

I can’t tell you how many amazing moments we shared with his fantastic couple that day. Ryan and I both left feeling like we had attended the wedding for two of our good friends and not just photographed it. We know it wasn’t just us who felt this way during their Toronto wedding, the guests felt this way too. 

Calley & Andrew we want you to know how much of a pleasure and honour it was to photograph you and your families on this absolutely stunning day. Someone blessed you with these amazing memories, and it wasn’t us. Thank you for choosing us and trusting us to be your photographers. 

After their Casa Loma wedding, we receive what might be the most meaningful reviews/emails I have received in my career as a photographer. I read it when I’m feeling down. It sums up all the reasons why we do what we do.

Day after the wedding:

“Heading out of Toronto in just a bit and wanted to take a sec to let you know how incredible I think you guys are!  Andrew and I are sooooo happy with everything you guys did for us and our guests.  Your creativity, patience, sense of humour, and the surprise gift was EVERYTHING.  We are beyond thrilled and just wanted you guys to know how much we appreciate you.  Thank you for making us feel comfortable and photogenic.  You really did help take our day to an entirely different level!  We are so very grateful.  I’m sad we don’t live in Toronto because I think you guys are so fun!!!! If you’re ever in Nashville please let me know!  Take care and talk soon! – Calley

After they received their photos:

“Wow.  Just wow. We are in tears at how precious these photos are.  Who knew that having you guys as our photographers would mean so much more to us than just our wedding.  You have given us an incredible, priceless gift. We are so grateful you were the ones to capture our wedding and what will go down as our sweetest family memories of our lives.  That is just so precious to us.  I hope you know that it wasn’t an accident that you were the ones to hold those moments in time for us.  It was a gift and a blessing to have you as our historians.  The beauty you gave us is indescribable.” – Calley  

 Congratulations Calley & Andrew. We hope you enjoy a look at some of our favorite moments. 

Erika & Ryan