Put a ring on it

by Ryan Rowell

We are down to the last 50 days until our wedding! The planning definitely gets easier as the day gets closer and closer. This past weekend Ryan and I finally decided on our wedding bands. Next to our photos, our rings will be the only other thing we take away from our wedding day, that we get to keep forever. So with that in mind we wanted our wedding bands to be unique and personalized. The final custom design ended up being two rose gold rounded bands which are very plain looking when they are on our ring fingers but when you lay them flat you can see a little diamond with our names etched on each side of it.  We are so excited to see the finished products.

Speaking of rings, we have noticed an awful lot of ladies and gents sporting engagement rings lately, so to all you newly engaged out there reading this, come and check out our engagement giveaway. We have 2 engagement session left to give out to the first two lucky couples who book their weddings with us.

This past weekend we also photographed an engagement session. Devin & Megan are getting married later on this year in Muskoka, and as a contrast to that cottagey, outdoorsy, on the lake setting, they wanted to have their engagement photography in the city of Toronto. And to top off an already romantic setting, it rained during the shoot. There is something so beautiful about Toronto in the rain. We loved the neighbourhood Devin and Megan chose as the backdrop for their engagement, we walked the streets near the Flatiron building and of course stopped for a few shots at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

Be sure to check out the shots below, and leave a nice comment for the happy couple. Thanks Devin & Megan for braving the rain and for being so awesome to shoot and hang out with. We can’t wait for your wedding!

Happy Spring Everyone!


Erika & Ryan