Q & A – Why is it important to get a wedding album?

by Ryan Rowell

Last week someone asked us; why it is so important to get a wedding album? I am sure our expressions were ones of sheer surprise. To us wedding albums, family photo albums, custom prints, etc. are more than just decoration for the walls and coffee table, and are more than just another add on to a photographers package. As photographers we sell albums, not just because its a fabulous expression of our artistic abilities, or your beautiful wedding day, but because we actually believe in what it means for us to have one. Here is the answer we gave.

Why is it important to get a wedding album?

Wedding albums are still one of the easiest ways to view photos. All you have to do is open the book! Simple as that. Its classic and everyone knows how to use a book. Not everyone knows how to use every type of software, online galleries, ipads, smartphones, etc to view images. With technology changing so fast we (your photographers) need a way to normalize our artform. So wedding photo albums are the best way for us to show you your photos and for you to share them for many years to come.

But the real reason to get an album is to share your life and memories with your friends and family. It may seem expensive now, but like a honeymoon, if you don’t do it right after the wedding while you are riding high on the wave of love, you most likely will not do it. Its an investment in your future and your legacy. I know that sounds dramatic but it is the truth. Its your responsibility to maintain your families legacy and your wedding is a huge part of that. Get an album you will never regret buying one, no matter the cost.

Check out this video of Karen & Ross’ wedding album. When I showed my dad this video (note: the music used in the video was actually composed and performed by my Father Wayne Hanchar in my living room.) He said “That album is way nicer, and better made than mine and your mother’s wedding album was, how much does an album like that go for?”

My reply: “This album is between $1600-$1900.” (Note: Real leather cover, custom designed pages and layout, waterproof pages, a super strong spine to allow for years of page flipping, and it lays completely flat which will ultimately help the book live for a very long time without damage done to the bind.)

My Dad: “In 1981 we paid $2200 for ours, and that was the most expensive one our photographer offered.” (Note: my parents album was the same size, had 2 less pages than the above, was a matted album, which now has missing photos, cracks along the spine from people looking at it too much, it creaks when you turn the pages , is a pleather cover that melted to my book shelf a few hot summers back and had fake gold gilding on it’s page edges. It was an 1980’s wedding dream album.)

But even though that old album is falling apart, it still sits on my shelf, it is still loved and appreciated. I have no idea where the film negatives are or the printed proofs. If I learned anything from my parents regarding weddings, its this: Look your very best, feed your guests well, make your family feel important on YOUR wedding day, take the honeymoon adventure you always dreamed of, and buy the best you possibly can afford when it comes to your wedding albums and photographs.


Erika & Ryan

P.S- We are so excited to start making a collection of albums for our engagement, wedding and honeymoon!!!