Windermere House Wedding in Muskoka

Tanya & Dave

by Ryan Rowell on February 22, 2017

I know I say it all the time on this blog,  but Windermere House is classic Muskoka.  Its one of the only Muskoka wedding venues that blends that turn of the century feel with modern architecture and if not the only place in Muskoka where people do as they did back in the day. Ride their boats up to the docks, walk up to the house on the hill, take lunch on the verandah and watch the day pass by. It is my favourite venue because not matter how many times I go there,  and how familiar it all seems to be,  I notice new things.  The way the sunlight pours onto the verandah, leaving lines in the shadows,  and how its always a surprise the gradient of colors in the sky is at sunset.  This venue is timeless,  watching wedding guests stroll the paths between the tennis courts.  The classic boats parked in the marina.  The lawn games played at nearly every Muskoka wedding over looking the stunning Lake Muskoka.  Those moments could come from any time period.  I’ve seen photos from the 1920’s that could easily pass for something we would take at a wedding at Windermere House today.  Some things never change. 

Tanya & Dave hail from Barrie,  Ontario.  Two doctors,  with a passion for Muskoka and boating.  These two could not have picked a better day to get married at Windermere House.  It was warm and sunny,  and when the sun was nearly set,  it left behind a gradient of orange,  purple, and pink on the lake and in the sky.  There were quite a few memorable moments from this Muskoka wedding for me,  both of which happened at the reception.  Excitement and emotions were running high during the father daughter dance,  where Tanya shared the dance floor with her step dad.  It took only a few moments before the whole room was in tears.  Then an impromptu kissing game with the groomsmen picking up Dave right in the middle of all the guests tables,  tipping him upside down, and in the air,  to receive a kiss from Tanya.  

We hope you enjoy this lovely Muskoka wedding.  Congratulations to Dave & Tanya.  Thank you so much for choosing us to capture this amazing day. 




P.S –  My favorite photo happened during the ceremony.  Scroll through the entire post and then back to the ceremony section to see it.  There is always one super loving and romantic couple at every wedding,  who gets all the feels.  Its a black and white photo during the ceremony with a couple cuddling in the back row.  LOVE!