Winter Family Photos at the Cottage – Muskoka, Canada

by Ryan Rowell

A few weeks ago, when we had 2-3 feet of snow still on the ground Ryan and I drove up to Muskoka to photograph the Thompson family at their Muskoka cottage. They wanted photos that showed them hanging out like they tend to do on weekends at the cottage and also a lot of action shots. These photo’s don’t get much more Canadian than hockey on a home made rink, beers and champagne cooling in the snow, Goose down jackets, and a blazing campfire.

My muddy backyard tells me its Spring time, and that this is my last chance to post winter family photos. It feels like it has been a very long winter and I know that everyone is just dying to get outdoors in the sun. Before we officially say good by to winter; have a look through these hilarious winter family photos, one of our favorite family shoots of the year. I wish we could  photograph these guys all the time, they were so fun. I don’t think I stopped laughing the whole time. Muskoka is no longer just for summers, if you are a true cottager you party all year around down by the lake, frozen or not, around the camp fire, beers in hand. It’s not even a real party until everyone jumps in the canoe  *No lake required.

In the words of the Thompson family: Feel the rhythm  feel the rhyme, get on up, its bobsled time, Coooool Ruuunnnings!!!

Happy Spring Everyone! Thank you to the Thompson Clan for having us as your family photographers.


Erika & Ryan

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